Advancing the Mission & Vision of the Community College

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Advancing the mission & vision of the two-year college.

Our Services

Armistead is the leading institutional advancement consulting firm providing necessary tools to open doors to new opportunities for community and technical colleges. We focus exclusively on advancing the mission and vision of the two-year college. Armistead is passionate about moving our colleges forward. We strive to make systemic and worthwhile changes that advance community colleges in directions that will serve their communities for generations to come.

Assessments & Evaluations

Is it time to optimize your resource development efforts?

Our communities are dynamic with opportunities constantly presenting themselves. In this environment, it’s it is necessary for colleges to constantly assess and refine their programs and services to meet the changing community demands. The Armistead Group offers a comprehensive set of assessment and resource development processes that support institutional advancement functions. These include:

- Development Audit/Assessment
- Feasibility Study and Community Needs Assessments
- Institutional Culture Assessment
- Prospect Research Service

Resource Development Services

The Armistead Group specializes in establishing and implementing major and targeted gift campaigns, planned giving programs, annual appeals, alumni engagement service, grants acquisition and administration, and special events. Using tested principles, we guide the client through a set of building-block processes to successfully engage the private sector resulting in long-term relationships and support. As an outcome, the college and its Foundation reach three important goals:

- Raising the most private sector support ever acquired in a single endeavor in the history of the institution;
- Raising the understanding and awareness of the college in the communities it serves, and
- Raising the overall capacity of the Foundation to sustain fundraising programs.

Advocacy & Awareness Services

Working closely with the college, the Armistead Group’s consultants provide valuable direction to build better understanding and positive perceptions of the college in its communities. These services are designed to strategically enhance the awareness and commitment of key community stakeholders. These services include:

- Community Advocacy
- Economic Impact Study
- Legislative Advocacy

Institutional Growth Initiatives

Is your institution reaching full capacity?

In these challenging fiscal times, two-year colleges are experiencing fierce competition for scarce community resources. A college needs to use every advantage available to promote its value to its constituencies and enhance efficiencies. The Armistead Group offers a variety of programs and services designed to position the community college as the leader in community growth, development and revitalization. These programs include:

- Strategic Visioning and Planning
- Volunteer Leadership Development
- Management effectiveness and Efficient Studies
- Workforce Development Enhancement Initiatives
- Professional Recruitment Services