Advancing the Mission & Vision of the Community College

Advocacy & Awareness Programs

Do you have the commitment and support of your community stakeholders?

Community Advocacy Service

A strong, positive image is essential to a community college. Oftentimes, with scarce financial and human resources, it’s an ongoing struggle for two-year colleges to strategically and systematically educate their community in the ways they contribute to the educational arena, culture, and economy. We help our clients by providing valuable direction to create greater understanding and positive perceptions of the college within its communities. This service is designed to enhance the awareness, support, and commitment of community stakeholders while educating community members about the opportunities the college provides to all.

Economic Impact Study

In these challenging financial times, competition has increased for scarce resources. A college needs to use every advantage available to promote its economic value to its constituencies. Our economic impact study measures the cumulative economic impact of the college in four specific areas. This study helps community leaders and potential donors understand the benefits offered by the college to the local community. The research process produces a powerful influence on community perceptions and attitudes, and offers a unique opportunity for "friend-raising" and fundraising.

Legislative Advocacy Program

An effective advocacy program will advance a college’s image or secure significant public funding from the legislature. The advocacy campaign should be a formalized, systemic process. Advocacy and awareness campaigns may contain different details, but the key to success is a focused and detailed plan with a deliberate course of action. Armistead’s well-designed campaigns help our clients realize a significant and desired financial outcome, expand networking opportunities while promoting a cause, raise the visibility and credibility of the college, and develop positive relationships for future campaigns.