Advancing the Mission & Vision of the Community College

Assessments & Evaluations

It's time to optimize your resource development efforts.

Development Assessment Services

A successful resource development program must undergo constant refinement and adjustment. The best way to do this is to assess the entire function from an unbiased perspective. Our assessment is designed to help your college enhance productivity and acquire private sector resources to achieve your resource development goals. We perform an in depth review of all activities then provide you with a set of recommendations leading to a dynamic strategic plan of action that prioritizes college needs and resources, and provides a pathway to achievement.This process is mandatory for any college grounded in accountability, stewardship, efficiency, and a desire to maximize resource development.

Feasibility Study

Conducting a feasibility study is a mandatory prerequisite to a major gifts campaign. Armistead consultants are experts on community colleges. Their expertise, combined with your institutional knowledge, results in a feasibility study that provides detailed information on capacity and growth. We work as partners with your college to develop a preliminary case statement and support materials, conduct interviews, and present a comprehensive analysis that offers a pathway to campaign success. We furnish information and recommendations needed to maximize fundraising efforts and enhance your mission and strategic goals. Our process includes engaging an extraordinary team, providing crucial insight into community perceptions, opinions, and motivations, and results in the development of goals that must be achieved as building blocks for a successful major gifts campaign.

Institutional Culture Assessment

The gauge of a college’s internal culture and climate is critical for determining what must be done to optimize the efforts of employees. Our process consists of a series of survey techniques and forums with all constituencies. The research process assesses institutional morale, workplace effectiveness, and the efficiencies of communication channels, accountability, and administrative structures. The outcomes serve as the basis for organization development, professional development, and confirmation of institutional effectiveness.

Prospect Research Service

With fierce competition for public dollars, it is critical that community colleges integrate private sector prospect research into their fundraising efforts. We provide our clients the necessary resources to determine potential donor inclination and capacity for engagement with the college. Following extensive research, comprehensive strategies are developed resulting in placement of the prospective donor into a process that maximizes their investment potential. This service provides the college a prescriptive approach to developing relationships with individuals and corporations.