Advancing the Mission & Vision of the Community College

Institutional Growth Initiatives

Does your board make significant and worthwhile contributions?

Leadership Development Service

Foundation board leadership is a critical part of a comprehensive advancement program. Armistead builds boards that make significant and worthwhile contributions, while developing capacity for long-term leadership and fundraising. Through a specific assessment and training process, we increase the fundraising knowledge, commitment, and engagement of a board, staff, and volunteers. The outcome is the creation of a culture in which all individuals understand the importance of their role in building the momentum of a community college’s resource development program while positively impacting the lives of those in their community.

Organizational & Management Efficiencies Program

Cost control, increased student outcomes, and traditional sources of funding, like tuition and fees influenced by unstable enrollment patterns, continue to challenge community and two year colleges. For some, addressing issues like these requires a fundamental change in organization structures and management processes. For others, incremental change and continuous improvement is needed. We recognize the difficulty in changing an organization while meeting day to day needs. We are leaders in the areas of organizational effectiveness, management process reengineering, human resource needs assessment, benchmarking, and governance. We believe that successfully serving clients requires more than "giving the right answers." We focus on developing customized plans that reflect the needs of the college and its capacity for change.

Development Officer Recruitment Service

In order for a community college to sustain a proactive fund-raising environment, it is critical that it acquires and develops a highly skilled development officer dedicated to the mission and an expert in resource development. With increased competition and the complex and ever-changing two-year college environment, hiring processes can strongly benefit by using consultants who understand the skills, abilities, and requirements of these positions. Armistead is a unique and valuable resource for colleges to obtain well-qualified and highly skilled institutional advancement professionals.

Strategic Visioning Service

At Armistead, we take strategic planning ten steps further with Strategic Visioning. We employ a research-driven process resulting in a solid plan that serves as the foundation for responsive and deliberate change. We begin by identifying and evaluating external trends likely to impact the college and its communities. We assess the internal environment to determine how well the college is prepared to respond to the anticipated changes. After data is reviewed, we develop strategic goals, objectives, and implementation strategies. Because of this comprehensive process, many benefits are realized including the needs of accreditation authorities, prioritization of initiatives, development of key external partnerships, and the procurement of significant financial resources.

Workforce Collaboration Program

Armistead views “institutional advancement” in a holistic manner. Vital to this function is the development and establishment of strategic business partnerships intrinsically linked to a college’s mission and advancement program. Workforce Collaboration secures partnerships with key private entities for increased levels of exposure, program development, and financial support. Specific benefits realized through this service include the engagement of leading corporate professionals, reaffirmation and support of specific occupational programs, confirmation of curricular relevance, and promotion of contract training.