Advancing the Mission & Vision of the Community College

Armistead Values

We are exclusively dedicated to the two-year college movement.

Our Values

Our core values define the character of our firm. They guide our decision-making practices, our interactions with our clients and our relationships with each other.

- We believe that honesty and ethical conduct should permeate our culture and strategic directions and practices.
- We believe in doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.
- We believe in striving to exceed the expectations of clients and ourselves.
- We believe that resolving our clients’ needs is critical to our continued success.
- We believe in measuring the success of our projects based upon our customer's degrees of satisfaction.
- We believe in working together to achieve collective and individual goals.
- We believe in the need to continually grow our expertise to meet the needs of ever more sophisticated clients and their environments.
- We believe in developing leadership both within the firm with respect to our next generation of consultants and within our market segment.
- We believe in employing and developing our employees with a passion for providing the highest-level quality service to our clients.
- We believe in making a lasting impact.