Advancing the Mission & Vision of the Community College

Armistead Vision

Is your advancement program integrated across the college and community?

Vision & Mission

Our nation’s two-year colleges have always been leaders in community vitalization. They have demonstrated a strong and unyielding commitment to advancing quality of life, economic growth and workforce development.
This commitment is seen in model programs, services, and initiatives in every state.

However, community and technical colleges are challenged many obstacles impacting levels of growth and sustainability. Similarly, our communities and corporate partners require new and innovative processes and resources to stimulate vitalization, competitiveness and advancement.


The Armistead Group’s vision is become the premier consulting firm specializing in community and technical college education helping them to achieve their advancement goals in order to respond to the evolving needs of their constituencies and lead the way to establishing more vibrant communities.


The Armistead Group’s mission is to advance the two-year college in achieving a sustainable environment for growth and development.